Our people are our most important asset and we want you to hear from them. We asked our team some questions to help share the Legacy difference in their own words.


David Minarcik

Associate Advisor

How long have you been with Legacy Planning Partners? How long have you been in the business?

I joined Legacy right after graduation and have been here for 6 years.

What is your role at Legacy Planning Partners?

My role is as an advisor is to organize, educate, and guide physicians through the specific financial challenges which they face.

How has Legacy Planning Partners helped you grow in your career?

Legacy’s independent and open-architecture model allows me to design my practice.

What are some of the challenges your clients face? How do you help them address these?

One of the major challenges most physicians face is understanding their cash flow and how it relates to the repayment of their student loans. Many times, physicians are having to repay loans, with unfavorable interest rates, from their undergraduate degree as well as medical school. The total balance can be overwhelming and difficult for a physician to manage without expertise. I am able to provide them with the specialized guidance they need to evaluate and determine the best repayment strategy that best aligns with their cash flow plan.

Do you have a favorite Legacy Planning Partners moment?

My favorite LPP moment occurred after I had just graduated from college and completed my internship with LPP. Two partners at Legacy, Chuck Kedra and Bryan Benner, invited my parents to meet with them. Together, we discussed my choice to start a career in the financial services industry and with Legacy. My parents spoke highly of me and said that I have "thick skin", which is one of the many characteristics that you need in this career. Having been an Advisor here for the past several years, I still feel the same commitment from my Legacy family and that they continue to be vested in me. I will forever remember that moment.