Our people are our most important asset and we want you to hear from them. We asked our team some questions to help share the Legacy difference in their own words.


James Nesbitt, ChFC®


How long have you been with Legacy Planning Partners? How long have you been in the business?

I have been an advisor with Legacy for 8 years and have 13 years in the business.

What is your role at Legacy Planning Partners?

I’m an advisor.

What is something you’ve learned along the way that may help career changers as they launch their career with Legacy Planning Partners?

Having a target market to focus on while building your business and brand is a necessity. It is also beneficial to have your own financial plan with a cash flow strategy in place so that you are able to focus and spend the time needed to build a strong foundation for your practice without feeling stress by your personal financial commitments.

How has Legacy enabled you to grow in your career?

Legacy offers team based selling and administrative support. This allows you to identify your unique ability and focus your efforts on utilizing your unique ability to the fullest potential.

What are you most passionate about in your role at Legacy Planning Partners?

Helping my clients identify and succeed in accomplishing their financial goals.