Choosing the right advisory firm is more critical than ever …

because the challenges of a rapidly changing world seem to grow every day. It should never be just about dollars and cents… and, at Legacy, it isn’t.

The Power of Collaboration

We’re dedicated to the business of family. It’s never just about “assets under management”, because today’s family deserves the widest possible strategic arc of planning. That’s why we welcome collaborations with other advisors, from legal to accounting to insurance to brokerage services, etc. –and are so committed to the education and participation of the emerging next generation of family leaders.

Our Services

Family Office Services

Coordination of your advisory team and streamlined management of your affairs so you spend your time on the relationships that matter most.


Business Transition Planning

Nothing lasts forever. Anticipating your best strategic option is key.


Employer Retirement Plan Consulting

We’re experts in the terms, the processes and the benefits for all.


Financial Planning

Because it's not about just money management anymore.


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