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Kevin Donohue, CFP®, AIF® | August 9, 2021

Clients are Upping Charitable Giving in the Wake of the Pandemic

By Mark Schoeff Jr.

JULY 12, 2021

Although the biggest reward of giving is psychological, the tax benefits can make doing good feel even better financially.

When investors’ portfolios do well, philanthropic organizations do well. Throw in a profound public health crisis and social unrest, and charitable giving hit new heights last year.

That philanthropic trend is likely to continue this year and combine with an uncertain tax outlook to provide opportunities for financial advisers to deepen client relationships by helping clients donate with financial efficiency.

Another trend that began in 2020 and is continuing into this year is the growing number of sales of small businesses, which leave their former owners in a good position to pursue philanthropy, said Kevin Donohue, a partner at Legacy Planning.

“That’s got to be at an all-time high,” Donohue said. “That lends itself to significant charitable contributions being made.”

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Kevin Donohue is a partner at Legacy Planning Partners who specializes in helping families with complicated finances organize their affairs, document their goals and identify strategies to help them reach these goals more effectively. He combines nearly 20 years of financial services experience with cutting edge technology to deliver his clients integrated solutions to simplify their complex financial reality.

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